Howto Embed a Part of YouTube Video with Start-End Time

How To Embed a Specific Part of YouTube Video on Blogger

Vlogging is one of the crucial part of blogging, considered one of the best tool for expressing ideas. YouTube, Dailymotion is one of the two most popular video sharing site which contains millions of videos that you can share on your blog or website.

Sometimes, you might embed a long video on your site, and also add a note just below the video to tell the visitors to watch only a certain portion. This behavior not only kills time but also irritates the viewers of your video. So it is not a good sense.
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Vishal Chopra | January 25, 2016 |

How to Load YouTube & Dailymotion Video Player On Demand

When you embed a Youtube or Dailymotion video on your blog or website, then the video has to load a bunch of extra resources like CSS, JavaScript or images to rendering the videos. And, the bad thing about it that it always load these resources even if a visitors does not hit the play button. These resources increase not only the weight of your template but also the visitor's browser will also need to make multiple HTTP requests to render the videos.

How To Load YouTube & Dailymotion Videos On Demand
Have you ever noticed that Google plus shows the embedded videos on their page with a different thumbnail style. Google+ only display a thumbnail image with a custom play button instead of displaying a embedded video player to make it look like a player. And, when a user clicks over the thumbnail, then the preview thumbnail is replaced by the standard video player. That means the browser loads all the resources that are required to play the video only once when necessary. And, this reduces the loading speed of your website, see demo below,

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Vishal Chopra | January 14, 2016 |

How To Host CSS, JavaScript Files on Github with Rawgit

If you are serious about blogging and want to make your blog best in all category, then you no only need to focus on high-quality content but also on blog's loading speed. If your blog loads speed is not good. Then your blog visitors will start to leave your blog on the very first visit and will move to some other blog for the same article.

You might be trying some tactics like optimizing images, compressing CSS and JavaScript to reduce the load speed. But as per my experience over page speed, all these tactics are only wasting time, if you are not using a content delivery network for caching all the CSS, JavaScript files. As per Google Panda Update, every blog should be well cached and super fast load speed. There are numerous factors which affect Google page rank. And, one of them is loading speed.

In this tutorial, I will introduce you a new free CDN service provider viz, RawGit(by MaxCDN) that is an open-source tool that serves raw files directly from GitHub with the correct Content-Type headers. And also, explain to you How to set up it for unlimited bandwidth using GitHub. But before this, let me explain something about its advantages,

Why should you use RawGit CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

CDN, stands for content delivery network, is a broadly distributed system of multiple servers at various locations in the world that helps in delivering static contents like CSS, JavaScript, and Images to a user based on the geographical locations of the user.

1. It will boost the loading time of your blog or site by serving the content of your web page to a user based on their location.
2. It will reduce the amount of bandwidth.
3. It will save your money when you running your own server.
4. It will improve user experience and decrease your blog bounce rate.
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Vishal Chopra | January 08, 2016 |

How to create a subscribe to download plugin for blogger

How to create subscribe to download plugin or widget in blogger

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, or developer or an addictive blogger. Every blogger wants to turn their visitors into a long term subscriber for growing audiences as well as traffic. Social networking is one of the core objective of the content marketing to keep updated the loyal readers. Among these tactics, email subscription becomes the prominent feature of a website.
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Vishal Chopra | December 30, 2015 |
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